Integrating the Jenkins build status with Bitbucket

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Many times you probably miss better support for continuous integration in Bitbucket but don’t worry if your are using Jenkins, today is your lucky day. We’re pleased to announce the new Bitbucket Build Status Notifier Plugin, which is available starting from today providing fully integration of the build status API of Bitbucket with Jenkins CI.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration aka CI allows us software developers to detect problems early in the development process and improve productivity with automation at the same time avoiding most common human errors during the development process of your project. Jenkins is open source and one of the most popular continuous integration solution and it can manage and control development lifecycle processes of several kinds including build, document, test, package, stage, deployment and many more.

Bitbucket Build Status Notifier Plugin

When viewing the commits of your repository in the Bitbucket UI now you can clearly see which of those commits have been checked out, tested and deployed by your Jenkins CI thank to this plugin. Since it provides at a glance feedback on commits, branches and pull requests within the Bitbucket UI, you don’t have to log in your build server anymore in order to see whether your build passed or failed.

Furthermore in the detailed view you are provided with a list of the running, passed and failed builds (if they exists), this way you can identify why a build failed without having to inspect any log file in your build server what is a save of time.

The Bitbucket build status notifier plugin for Jenkins is available under MIT license, so you can download, modify, publish and distribute it free of charge, on Github as well as on the official Wiki of JenkinsCI. There you can find a step by step documentation about how to configure the Bitbucket OAuth consumer and your Jenkins job to enjoy this cool feature.

Feel free to propose any idea or improvement for this plugin or its documentation so it’s open source.

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